About Us


It was founded by fashion designer Natalia Botero, who at the age of ten began to learn and know about the fascinating world of fashion. Since then she has been in constant quest for innovation and distinction, taking her ideas and creativity to the universe swimwear - beachwear.

When Natalia was 20, she launched Entreaguas, a Colombian handcrafted brand of Swimwear and Beachwear committed to show sophistication in every detail handmade by talented artisans and people who work with her, with a high social and environmental commitment.

Entreaguas suggests a quiet and natural lifestyle for contemporary, multicultural and young in spirit woman, who lives in constant connection with nature and seeking the balance between body, mind and spirit. It is well-known by creating a perfect mixture of a sexy and sensual style in its bathing suits.


This allowed the company to be chosen and positioned in the most important world Fashion Trends Portal (WSGN). Entreaguas along with other 4 foreign brands set the trend worldwide in the universe Swimwear and Beachwear by 2016; which is a source of great pride and satisfaction for the designer.

Natalia draws inspiration from contemporary art, from different cultures of the world, from lush natural world and universe we inhabit.

Natalia applies, in an artistic and abstract way, her inspiration in her designs both in fabrics made of knots and in stamped creations and in manually produced dyeing processes.

Her search goes beyond; it is based on a philosophy where inspiration becomes art, looking inward and continuously researching about these cultures, to transcend and reach its own identity.

Natalia, in spite of being only 23 years old, has a clear idea, her brand Entreaguas is the result of her avant-garde aesthetic vision and more importantly, it takes up with emphasis the essence of Colombian culture, her native country. Abstraction of landscapes, colors, shapes and artists Natalia admires are also sources of inspiration, creating a refined and timeless style.

Entreaguas brand concept is based both on sober, refined and organic wealth given by macramé and on a balance and color richness. Each piece is designed by Natalia and worked individually by artisan hands that weave, dye, tie up and assembled which takes a long period, creating a unique garment.


These valuable artisan hands belong to people that have inspired Natalia and David her boyfriend, to create Entreaguas Foundation (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwW2nTr-QJo). It aims to support them in their main needs, as some of them have physical limitations, some others are mothers who are head of the family, young people who are reintegrating into society and some with Down syndrome; devoting part of their sales for this purpose.

 This brand proposes 3 lines: Infinity, lingerie inspired by ballet, movement, energy and cosmos, with few seams, thinner fabrics, without elastics, seamless, without cups and always comfortable. Another line is Immersion, clothing inspired by the earthly and organic, with a bit thicker fabrics, side seams, elastics, and removable cups. And finally Limited Edition, this line applies print inspiration from art, abstract photography of landscapes from different parts of the world.

Making an analogy, it could be said that Entreaguas is taken from magic realism of Colombia, because their designs are original and come from our roots such as fabrics and crafts of our ancestors, in order to bring into the present aesthetically elements of the past with all the strength of our culture, thus creating a unique and deep-rooted identity, which is reflected by Natalia in all garments used by women from other cultures in many parts of the world.

Entreaguas has a high social commitment, since through her Foundation helps artisans with elements that contribute to improve their quality of life; also it designs with the scraps of fabrics of the cover-ups, beachwear, beach wraps and products such as duvets and pillowcases. It is now working on the development of rugs and decorative elements with the scraps of Lycra strips for sale on the market concurrently with the brand’s garments, of which work product free of charge is destined for the Foundation created for them.

It also has a high environmental commitment: in production processes it uses non-polluting and biodegradable raw materials such as labels, packaging, hooks for clothes and other inputs; at the same time it makes the most of water and resources in general, respecting first and foremost the environment.


A bit of history:

Natalia began to develop these skills, because from an early age she was interested in art, design, guitar, languages, dance and Colombian handicrafts.

 Among all these extra-curricular school activities she devoted part of her time to design, cut and make garments for her friends and acquaintances, with so much acceptance among them that on evenings and spare time she focused on production homemade bathing suits, which quickly became her passion.

Later, when she started university education of Fashion Design in Medellin, she identified fully with her professors, who gave her clarity to the approach of her brand and career, capitalizing on her knowledge in what would be her trade and profession.

From the first day of University she focused on her daily learning to apply it in the brand she wanted to create in order to do her studies and company at the same time. It was the time and the opportunity to build her dreams although it demanded double effort. Her passion was even bigger... many nights doing college work and preparing orders for her first collection customers. Her dreams, desires and aspirations began to become reality, because she had saved the product of her work, thinking of her first collection!

What had begun in her childhood as a hobby became eventually in her passion, achieving not only her personal but also her professional fulfillment.